Northern rose, ornamental plant nursery

Northern rose, ornamental plant nursery

Sale of ornamental plants for gardens and parks

Address: Kurortny district of St. Petersburg, near the village. Leninskoe.
Coordinates: 60 ° 12'2 "N 29 ° 56'20" E


Email: [email protected]

Tel .: +7 (812) 999-47-72, +7 (911) 721-41-02

Working hours: From 10:00 to 21:00

We sell plants on our marketplace.
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We sell ornamental plants for private gardens and parks
A wide range of garden roses, shrubs, conifers, garden accessories are presented. We have done a lot of work on the selection of plants suitable for growing in the harsh conditions of the North-West region of Russia. The quality of our planting material has long been appreciated by our regular customers. On our trading floor you can find plants that will please you and your loved ones.
Come, we are always very glad to see you!

We offer:







Garden accessories

An exhaustive assortment, low prices, an individual approach, advice on plant care!

Huge assortment of roses and ornamental plants, 999-47-72

Internet shop of the gardener SADIM

For many people, there is nothing more surprising and beautiful than watching the development of life in the garden after a long winter. Plants fill the air with an incredible aroma of fresh flowers and gentle rustle of foliage, delight with large fruits. Thanks to autumn, we can observe a magnificent play of colors, incomparable in brightness and saturation.

If you have a land plot and a desire to become a gardener, then you cannot resist buying seedlings of fruit trees from us, because it is always pleasant to replenish your garden with new plants, and just take care of them all day long. Believe me, this is a very interesting and exciting hobby.

In order for the trees not to stop delighting you and your loved ones as long as possible with their generous harvest, it is very important not only to properly care for them, but also to select seedlings. It is the last point that requires taking into account a large number of factors: the place of the intended landing, the quality of the soil, the presence of the sun, water, etc.

It should not be forgotten that younger trees and shrubs take root much faster, especially when it comes to seedlings of ornamental and exotic plants.

How to buy rose seedlings

If you are looking for where you can buy rose seedlings inexpensively, then you have come to the right place. After all, it is from us that you can buy cheap rose seedlings, since we sell planting material exclusively from the manufacturer.

Our online store carries out delivery, sending rose seedlings by mail almost all over Russia. You can choose any transport company that has a representative office in Crimea and we will immediately send you rose seedlings in spring and autumn, during the planting season. We pack our roses in a special way, thanks to which they are able to withstand even a rather long transportation and remain in excellent condition, ready for planting. The minimum order is 3 seedlings.

  • wide range of rose seedlings
  • excellent quality of planting material, the seedlings are lush, strong, with a developed root system
  • most of the photos of roses are original and were taken right in the nursery during the flowering period, you will not get a "pig in a poke"
  • great price for rose seedlings
  • proven producers with 15 years or more experience in the botanical garden nursery
  • convenient order form and responsive staff
  • with every purchase - little present!

Rose seedlings online store

We are very fond of different roses and are constantly working on the breadth of the assortment. From us you can buy and receive by mail the now popular peony rose seedlings, miniature roses, climbing rose seedlings, border and, of course, hybrid tea.

And our main pride and the goal for which this online store of rose seedlings was generally started is the popularization and sale of roses of domestic selection. After all, these roses are simply gorgeous and easily compete with renowned European nurseries. Among the collection of roses of domestic selection there are real pearls, and we will make every effort so that every rose lover can plant such a rarity and beauty in his garden!

Northern rose, ornamental plant nursery - garden and vegetable garden

Information about nurseries of the Far Eastern Federal District, which includes:

1. Amur region
2. Jewish Autonomous Region
3. Kamchatka Territory
4. Magadan region
5. Primorsky Territory: Primorsky and Ussuriysky regions of the Far Eastern Territory.
6. Sakhalin region
7. Khabarovsk Territory
8. Chukotka Autonomous District
9. Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

addresses, assortment and quality assessment of nursery planting material can be left in this topic.

Fruit nursery "LPH Makarevich"

Apple tree. Large-fruited varieties: Northern Sinap, Aurora, Scarlet Anise, Atlantka, Spray of champagne, Bogatyr, Jonotanovoe, Juicy Zelenka, Red early, Monastyrskoe, Autumn striped (Streyfling), Bellefleur - Kitaika, Melba. Ranetki: Ranetka Amber, John Downey, Pepinchik Krasnoyarsk, Ranetka Purple. Pulukulturki (ranetki + large-fruited apple trees): Altai ruddy, Aboriginal, Avgustovskoe Far East, Amur red, Amur yielding, Eastern Antonovka, Baganenok, Gislop, Gornoaltayskoe, Eastern Grushovka, Far Eastern early, Naliv Amursky, Pepin Amurma Glory of Primorye, Tonkonozhka, Ural liquor, Amateur.
Pear: Amur autumn, Far East, Thumbelina, Space, Lel, Primorskaya beauty, Severyanka, Tema, Horup, Apple-shaped.
Plum: Alma, Amur rose, Antonina, Cherry Column-shaped, Annushka (yellow), Annushka Pshenetsky, Volna, General, Duche, Krasnomyasaya, Impossible, Svetlana Primorskaya, Fast-growing, Pacific (Pineapple), Yielding, Khabarovskaya yellow, Khabarovskaya yellow, Khabarovskaya , Shiro. Cherry sliva GAYOVATA.
Apricot: Academician, Amur, Amur early, Primorsky ruddy, Seraphim, Khabarovsk, Yubileiny.
Honeysuckle: Zagogulinka, Tatiana, Olena, Berel.
Black currant: Epic, Vologda, Dachnitsa, Zusha, Cantata, Large Zotovoy, Orlovia, Selechenskaya, Ussuri, Exotic, Yadrenaya.
Red currant: Red Cross, Red Early, Marmalade. White currant: Belyana.
Peach: Autumn Large.
Gooseberry: Emerald, Rodnichek.
Grapes. Vaccinated: Aleshenkin, Edna, Amirkhan, Avgustovsky, Agat Donskoy, Ukraine, Wilder, Kanadik, Kodryanka - 218, Campbell, Mars, Muscat Donskoy, Solnechny, In memory of Dombkovskaya, Tukai. Own-rooted: Alpha, Adele, Marshal Foch.
Kuril tea. Chokeberry (Aronia). Hydrangea paniculata.

Address: 1. Own retail outlets:

* Nursery. Primorsky Territory, Rodina Gardening Society. 15 km from the city of Ussuriysk, before reaching 2 km to the village of Zarechnoye.
(From Ussuriysk, travel by bus No. 123 to the stop "SNT Rodina. Fruit nursery"), every day, from 9 to 18, it is recommended to pre-specify the time of your arrival by phone call, 15 km from Ussuriysk near the village of Zarechnoye, directions.

* Central market in Ussuriik, daily from April 10 to May 10, from 9 to 16, adjusted for the weather, directions

* Vladivostok, Vtoraya Rechka, agricultural fair Berezka, specify the opening hours by phone
* Agricultural market in the suburbs of Vladivostok, (in the area of ​​Trudovoye settlement), specify the working hours by phone

2. Gardening shops of Primorsky Krai

Pavilion “Seeds. Green source ", indoor market" Nekrasovsky ", pavilion No. 5. tel 8 908-440-06-59
Shop "All for dacha", Magnitogorskaya, 13, t. 31-25-64
Shop "Magic World", Ostryakova Ave., 24, t. 8 (4232) 70-49-42

Semyon chain stores:
Shop "Seeds", Prospect 100 Let Vladivostok, 35, t. 33-28-02
Shop "Seeds", Partizansky prospect, 17, t. 42-04-02
Shop "Seeds", st. Kalinina 273, market opposite the "Green Island"

Shop "Usadba", st. Frunze, 65 tel. 8 (42337) 35-999
Shop "Russian Garden", pl. Lenin, 7 t. 8 (42337) 47-8-53

Shop "Dachnik", st. Ostrovsky, 25 tel. 8 (4236) 14-37-95.

Shop "For home and garden", st. Kalininskaya, 11, area of ​​the central market. 8 914-798-96-51

Shop "Dachnik" st. Borisova, 10 8 (42352) 21199
Shop "Dachnik", st. Krasnogvardeyskaya, 69/2

p. Kavalerovo:
Store "Fortuna", st. Blacksmith, 40, tel. 8 (42375) 9-47-24.

Severotorg base: "Blooming Garden" store, tel. 8-914-715-42-48.

Central Market, tel. 8 (42356) 3-26-26, 8-951-004-61-94.

Shop Dachnik st. Leninskaya, 6 tel. 8 (423630) 93-92

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CO (Garden-Vegetable Garden)

Fertilizer complex KompleMet CO (Sad-Ogorod)

Liquid complex fertilizer with a combination of chelated forms of microelements in an optimal ratio for vegetables, fruit crops and ornamental plants.

It is intended for pre-sowing treatment of seeds and foliar feeding of vegetable, fruit and ornamental crops. Allows you to provide complete micronutrient nutrition, prevent and eliminate chlorotic diseases.

Fertilizer KompleMet CO (Sad-Ogorod) is compatible in tank mixtures with most pesticides used to protect crops and ornamental plants.

  1. Preparative form: liquid.
  2. Packaging: 20 l 2 l 0.4 l 0.2 l.
  3. Scope: agro-industrial complex, retail sale.
  4. Price on request .
  5. Payment terms: cashless payment.
  6. Delivery terms: at the expense of the supplier.
  7. Delivery time: within 15 days.
  8. Manufacturer: OOO NTP-Sintez.
  9. Country of origin: Belarus.
  10. TNLA: TU BY 500479392.002‑2017
Manganese (Mn *) 10 g / l
Copper (Cu *) 9.0 g / l
Zinc (Zn *) 15 g / l
Boron (B) 4.5 g / l
Molybdenum (Mo *) 0.15 g / l
Cobalt (Co *) 0.05 g / l
Nitrogen (Νtotal), not less 5.5 g / l
Phosphorus (P2O 5), not less 79 g / l
Potassium (K2O), not less 83 g / l
Sulfur (SO4), not less 14 g / l
* - an element in a chelated compound
Culture Consumption rate Processing time
Vegetable 3 ml / kg Seed treatment
2 l / ha 3-4 treatments with an interval of 7-14 days, starting from the phase of 3-4 true leaves
Apple tree, pear 4 l / ha Extension of inflorescences
4 l / ha End of flowering
Stone fruits 4 l / ha Extension of the inflorescence - separation of the buds
Young garden and nursery 4 l / ha 3 treatments with an interval of 10 days, starting from the 1st decade of June
Garden strawberries 3 l / ha Extension of peduncles - the appearance of buds VVSN 55-57
Raspberry, blackberry 3 l / ha Growth of basal shoots (25-75 cm) VVSN 31-33
3 l / ha The appearance of the first flower buds - the lateral extension of the BBCH 51-53
Currant, gooseberry 3 l / ha Development of leaves VVSN 15-19
3 l / ha Extension of inflorescences VVSN 56-59
Grapes 2 l / ha Development of leaves VVSN 14-19
3 l / ha Formation of inflorescences VVSN 53-55
Blueberry 2 l / ha Leaf development
3 l / ha Separation of buds - the beginning of flowering
Decorative 2 l / ha 3-4 treatments with an interval of 10-14 days, starting with the resumption of spring vegetation in perennial plants (t ≥ 10 ° C) or from 5-6 days after planting seedlings in annuals

According to GOST 12.1.007-76, with a single intragastric intake (LD50 per os) and cutaneous exposure (LD50 cut), they are classified as low-hazard substances (hazard class 4).

According to "Unified sanitary-epidemiological and hygienic requirements for products (goods) subject to sanitary-epidemiological supervision (control), approved. By the decision of the Commission of the Customs Union dated May 28, 2010 Ν 299 (Chapter II Section 15. Requirements for pesticides and agrochemicals) "with a single intragastric intake are classified as hazard class 4 (low hazard).

According to Instruction 1.11.11-12-35-2004 (Appendix 6), under conditions of a single exposure, they have a mild irritating effect on intact skin and mucous membranes, and according to the severity of irritating properties to the skin and mucous membranes, they belong to the 1st class of substances.

They do not have cumulative properties at the level of manifestation of lethal effects (cumulation coefficient> 5), have weak material cumulation and insignificant cumulation at the level of functional effects.

The content of lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury was not detected.

The specific effective activity of natural radionuclides does not exceed the hygienic standard, the use of fertilizer will not lead to soil contamination above the hygienic standards.

Non-combustible liquid, according to GOST 12.1.044-89.

According to the GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Hazard Classification and Labeling of Chemicals) for acute toxicity when applied to the skin - Hazard Class 5 Skin Corrosion / Irritation - Not Serious Eye Damage / Irritation - Mild Irritant (Hazard Class 2B).

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation: 4 hazard class (low-hazard substance) according to the degree of exposure to the body and in accordance with the hygienic classification of pesticides and agrochemicals

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